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You already have professional experience in the technical or commercial field and you can imagine working in our company? There are many good reasons in favour of this decision. For us, a good job isn't just about the money. That is why we offer many advantages to make your start and your career with us as pleasant as possible.

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Recruitment Information

1.Position : Foreign Trade Sales Manager

Requirements for work:

  • 1. To understand the foreign trade business operation process;Sensitive for domestic and international exhibitions;Have a good knowledge about bearings’ markets,and with an agile response capability.
  • 2. English should be above CET-4,Fluent in Spoken language,reading and writing,barrier-free conversations with foreign customers.
  • 3. Have a good knowledge about bearings products and market analysis, Have the ability to control risk on the international markets and foreign customers.
  • 4. Have the ability on the team management,with its own management style and ability to adjust for the sales with many orders and sales without orders.
  • 5. Bearings and machinery foreign trade work experience is preferred!

2.Position : International Trade Sales

Responsibilities for work:
Responsible for development and maintenance of the international trade business.
Wages and benefits:

  • 1. the basic salary + commission, excellent operational capabilities annual income over $ 100,000;
  • 2. the company can pay the pension, health care and other five social insurance for employees;
  • 3. the company can provide free accommodation.
Requirements for work:
  • 1. college education, international trade, international business, English and other related professionals, more than one year relevant working experience.
  • 2. with excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, CET4 above (other small languages:intermediate and above level)
  • 3. Be familiar with international trade workflows, skilled use of various trade platform;
  • 4. Be interested in the machinery or bearing industry is preferred.

3.Position : Accounting

Responsibilities for work:

  • 1. Examine and approve of financial income and expenses,review of special reports financial accounting statements,for significant financial revenue and expenditure plans, economic contract countersigned.
  • 2. Budgeting and execution of the budget, participate in the formulation and use of financing programs to ensure effective use of funds.
  • 3. Review the company's accounting information which is provided to other agencies.
  • 4. To formulate the company's internal financial and accounting systems and procedures, approved by the organization to implement and monitor the implementation.
  • 5. Organize the preparation and implementation of the company's financial revenue and expenditure plans, credit plans and cost plans.
Requirements for work:
  • 1. The accounting-related professional, college education.
  • 2. At least 2 years working experience,with general corporate taxpayers work experience is preferred.
  • 3. Carefully, dedication, hard-working, have a good work ethic.
  • 4. Quick thinking, ability to accept, independent thinking, good at summing up experience
  • 5. The skilled application of financial and Office software, Kingdee, UF financial system has practical priority.
  • 6. With good communication skills.
  • 7. There are accounting qualification certificates, along with the primary accounting certificate preferred.

4.Position : Foreign trade merchandiser

Responsibilities for work:

  • 1. Responsible for tracking export orders, documents, logistics,and with the various elements involved in the export process.
  • 2. coordination the export transportation, as well as the contact with freight forwarding, shipping companies.
  • 3. contact communication with the client's business.
  • 4. With the finance to do the verification, reconciliation of work.
  • 5. Responsible for export statistics and other related work.
Requirements for work:
  • 1. College and higher education, international trade, business English, marketing or related.
  • 2. At least 2 years working experience in Foreign trade merchandiser with related areas, there are foreign work experience in related field preferred.
  • 3. Familiar with the import and export business with Foreign trade merchandiser operation process, familiar with the arrangements for cargo transportation and related considerations.
  • 4. with excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, proficiency in computer application skills, strong communication skills, ability to work independently.
  • 5. honesty and dedication, there is a strong resistance to stress and responsibility, team spirit is good.