Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

Excellent corporate culture, internal is a centripetal force, foreign is a banner, is enterprises to cope with the market competition, create first-class enterprise and create an important magic weapon for the hundred years brand, SRBF bearing the company after years of development, has formed a unique corporate culture of its own, "do people first, and then things; that character products" criterion has penetrated into all the staff of the thoughts and actions.

From the beginning of the establishment, SRBF bearing determined to follow the path of specialization, internationalization development, adhere to the quality, strive to open up domestic and international markets, is committed to achieve customer, employees, suppliers and social harmony and win-win, along with the sustainable development of the Chinese economy, SRBF bearing will be adhering to the "professional integrity, customer first, teamwork, realistic and innovative" enterprise culture and value concept, exploration and innovation, and strive to forge ahead, with domestic and international customer win-win development.

Company purpose: efforts to SRBF bearing construction to employees realize self value and to contribute to social ideal platform, let the SRBF bearing to become self lubricating bearing first-class manufacturing and service firms, the stronger doing fine, growing together with the customers and employees, to maximize the social returns.

The core values of the enterprise: honest, people-oriented.

Customer: all the customer as the center.

Team: woe, to pull together in times of trouble. No perfect individual, only the perfect team.
Thank you, learn to be grateful, to win respect.

Responsibility: responsible for their own conscience, the interests of the business, the customer value.

Standard: always maintain the best condition, and take the lead in the lead.

Enterprise management idea:
People to the enterprise for the stage, the enterprise to the human operation of the.
Ju Rong Tong Sheng, cooperation and win-win.
Quality comes from professional and professional achievement.

Enterprise service concept:
The order is the survival of their jobs, the customer is the God; started in customer demand, customer satisfaction was.

Corporate code of conduct:
Stresses integrity, moral integrity, responsible, and keep norms.
First rate enough to convince the people who, self-discipline.
Attitude decides everything, details determine success or failure.

Staff professional ethics:
Loyal to the enterprise, dedication, unity and mutual love, diligent.

Adhere to the "customer satisfaction, quality first, excellence, sustainable development" quality policy.

SRBF bearing company culture

SRBF bearing company culture

SRBF bearing company culture